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Temporary Delay on The Last Element

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Temporary Delay on The Last Element

Post by Kels on Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:10 pm

Firstly, I apologize. I know that some of you have been planning to apply for this roleplay in the near future, but circumstances are not good at the moment. I'm closing down registration and changing the permissions to private for everyone, up until I feel that I have worked out all the kinks.

There's a lot of reasons that I've made this decision. My chief concern? I rushed this...a lot. I have a 40 page notebook full of ideas, history, plans, plots, characters and many other things, most of which were never made. I'm leaning towards taking a sabbatical for a number of months, to work on these issues. I need to keep writing, make things clearer and put all my creative energy into this.

Another reason stems from a smaller concern that I had in the beginning, that's now becoming fully realized: I need a partner. Someone to bounce ideas off, who'd have complete and total access to all the ideas. This isn't a small undertaking. This person will have to be creative, critically inclined, a good writer and above all, responsible. They'd end up taking control of one of what I once thought would be one of my characters. I will be taking applications for this job, eventually. Keep a lookout for that, in the coming weeks.

When will I be done with this refit? I'm aiming for early Summer. Ideally, it'd be around late May or early June, but that's quite flexible. Thank you for staying calm and accepting this.


Post Scriptum: (Brunette and Mike, your applications are still accepted, but you might have a few new fields to fill in, once the refit is done)


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Re: Temporary Delay on The Last Element

Post by Leggokatz on Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:11 am

I didn't miss anything? Shocked YAY!!! I've been away from the Simiverse for a bit and this whole time I've been feeling guilty because I thought I left this hanging lol, I am so relieved!!! I'm still in when the time is right and good luck with finding a partner!! Smile
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