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my video game ideas (not sims)

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my video game ideas (not sims)

Post by MadameChung on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:36 pm

I had this idea since I been playing a U.S. government game and I thought that Canadian need a government game of its own.

You would enter the game and have 4 choices: Municipal Governments, Provincial and Territorial Governments, Federal Government or “All” you would then see a map of Canada, and chose which province/territory you want to play in (but only in the municipal/provincial levels). I would 1st pick municipal then, pick Ontario, then you would pick a city/town, and I would pick Toronto. You get to choose the “you” in game. Female single w/o children or Female single w/ children or Female married w/child, or female married w/o children (or male with the same choices) then you would pick the “party” that you are in (the parties would explain what their parties stand for) I would chose NDP, then you start campaign for mayor and have signs, flyers. If you win you would be able to make decisions about: water, sewage, waste collection, public transit, land use planning, libraries, emergency services, animal control, and economic development.

Province same idea, I would pick “Ontario” and then I would pick “Toronto” and click on the “Queen’s Park”. If you won you would make decisions on: property and civil rights, administration of justice, natural resources and the environment, education, health, and welfare.

Federal game is different since you would have to click on “Ontario” and then “Ottawa” and then campaign across the whole country to get support for your party if you won as prime minster of Canada you would then decide about: defense, criminal law, employment insurance, postal service, census, copyrights, trade regulation, external relations, money and banking, transportation, citizenship, and Aboriginal affairs.

All is quite self-explainable. You start out trying to run for mayor if a town/city, then you would try to campaign for premier, and then for prime minster

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