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Adding Games to DEP

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Adding Games to DEP

Post by brunettesimgirl on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:31 pm

There is one or two exe's (from some EP's) that will not let you add them to the DEP list.  Those are the ones for the not worry about adding them to the DEP list.  If you try to add them to the DEP list you will see this, 

"This program must run with data execution protection (DEP) enabled.  You cannot turn off DEP for this program."

This happens with the 'sims3launcher.exe'.  Don't worry about it, just click "ok" and move on to the next exe for that EP.

Step 1: go to start and click on "control Panel"

Step 2: click on "security and system" (it may say "security and maintenance" on your computer)

Step 3: click on "system"

Step 4: Click on "Advanced System Settings"

Step5: click on the tab at the top that says "Advanced" then under "Performance" click on "settings"

Step 6:this will bring up the Performance options, click on the tab that says "Data Execution Prevention", then "add"

Step 7: for this step you need to go to where you install your games, usually in either Program Files or Program Files (x86) follow this path C drive>program files (or program files (x86))>Electronic Arts> The sims 3>Game>Bin from the drop down option where it says "look in". Once in "bin" scroll down until you will see these:
Click on all of those that are with the plumbob icon and click "Open" (you may have to do this one at a time). It will take you back to the "data execution prevention screen". Keep clicking "Add" and following steps 6 & 7 until you have all the "plumbob" icons from the base game and any/all EP's you own added to the DEP list.

Example: if you have Ambitions, do everything up to step 7, but instead of going to the sims 3 folder>Game>Bin you will go to the Ambitions folder>Game>Bin:

C drive>program files (or ""(x86))>Electronic Arts>the Sims 3>Ambitions>Game>Bin

Add everything that has the plumbob icon to the list (including the launcher icons), when you have all of the games added to the DEP list, make sure you click "Apply" at the bottom of the DEP list (next to "ok"..."Cancel"..."Apply". As you can see from step 6, they are all going to say Sims 3, or S3Launcher regardless of what EP you've added, so you'll have to keep tabs on which ones you add and which ones you need to add.

Hope this helps!


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